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Maize milling machine future development plan

Le 6 février 2015, 08:03 dans Humeurs 0

What is MAIZE MILLING MACHINE future development plan? Does it have problem in the development? Maize milling machine industry in China has developed rapidly, especially since the food markets open up, raw grain of wheat and flour market instability, many maize milling machine manufacturers face high challenge in the market. 


The lack of self-owned brand in maize milling machine exists in the early extensive pattern development of the market, such as the product quality is not high, after-sales service is not perfect, and problem such as the lack of new products begins to slowly appear. Risk resistance capacity of self-owned brand maize milling machine is weak, and the market share of new products begins to decline.


Building a brand is not easy. Maize milling machine enterprise brand building must have two conditions: the product quality and service. Through maize milling machine is relatively small in industrial categories, good product quality and service are helpful for maize milling machine brand building.


There have much more demands for green and health food, flour processing industry comes into the boom, and driven by interests, all kinds of maize milling machines have appeared, which causes a cluttered market, in this case, maize milling machine manufacturer should know how to manage to improve the competition strength and expand the business to world market.

Recently, maize milling machine manufacturers pay more attention to market needs. With maize milling machine market development becoming stable, higher quality maize milling machine and reliable maize milling machine manufacturers meet the market demands much better and win larger market development space.


What does correct soybean processing equipment operation mean

Le 2 février 2015, 09:28 dans Humeurs 0

What does correct SOYBEAN PROCESSING EQUIPMENT operation mean? The correct soybean processing equipment operation can save energy consumption, save unnecessary trouble and make the soybean processing equipment service life much longer. 

First of all,  we can keep processing equipment in order to prolong soybean processing equipment service life. The tools, accessories and workpieces should be put in order. Soybean processing equipment safety guard device should be complete, and the pipelines should be complete. 

We can keep processing equipment clean to prolong soybean processing equipment service life. Soybean processing equipment should be clean both inside and outside. Each sliding surface and screw, gear and rack should have no greasy dirt or bump. Each part should have no oil leak, water leak, gas leak or electricity leak; the cuttings waste should be cleaned up. 

Besides, lubrication for prolonging soybean processing equipment service life. We should add oil or change oil to soybean processing equipment on time. The oil quality should meet the requirement. The oiler, oil gun, oil cup, linoleum and oil line should be clean and complete. The oil pointer is clear and the channel for oiling is unblocked. 

And safety for prolonging soybean processing equipment service life. We can carry out regulations for shifting of duty; keep familiar with soybean processing equipment structure and abide by the operation instructions. Use the soybean processing equipment reasonably, maintain the equipment carefully and prevent any accident. 

Finally, wcan do everything from the specific details and usually form good habits. Only by doing this, can we ensure soybean processing equipment safe and reliable running and prolong soybean processing equipment service life.


Maize milling machine development stage and solutions

Le 30 janvier 2015, 06:30 dans Humeurs 0

What kind of stage is maize milling machine staying in? MAIZE MILLING MACHINE enterprises with better benefits always adopt imported equipments or parts. Domestic maize milling machine industry has weak comprehensive abilities. And the rate of multipurpose utilization of resources is still low. The data displays that, 80% of the domestic processing products belong to rough machining or once processing. Maize milling machine industry has short industrial link and low industrialization degree.

Maize milling machine industry still stays in the preliminary working stage, which goes against to realize raw material comprehensive utilization and maize milling machine industry long-term development. Aiming at the problems of maize milling machine machinery, the government should adopt comprehensive measures, strengthen the macro-control to maize milling machine industry and realize harmonious development of feeds processing and maize milling machine industry. In policy-making, the government should reinforce agriculture infrastructure, enlarge the input in maize milling machine industry and promote good quality and high yield corn fs to provide sufficient raw material for maize milling machine industry. 

Since the reform and open policy, China maize milling machine enterprises have positively increased science and technology input, improved maize milling machine features and enlarged maize milling machine market potential and profits. In the production, what the maize milling machine enterprises are most concerned is maize milling machine market profits. 
Because maize milling machine faces various problems and stays in the current stage, we should try our best to find our solutions to solve the problems.

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